If you’ve been working for any number of years, then you are probably well prepared for a job interview. But what if that interview takes place via Skype? Do you still know how to ace it?

If not, don’t worry. As one of the top Phoenix employment agencies, PrideStaff can tell you that Skype interviews are very similar to in-person ones; there are just a few different steps you’ll need to take to be successful in them.

Step #1: Make sure your space is clean.

Wherever you plan to conduct the interview, make sure it’s clean and uncluttered. You don’t need a dedicated office, just a place that looks tidy and doesn’t distract the interviewer or send the message that you’re sloppy. You should also remove any provocative artwork or posters and create a completely neutral zone.

Step #2: Steer clear of bold, patterned clothing.

This is true too for a conventional interview, but it’s even more so for a Skype one. Bright colors and patterns come off differently on screen and can be almost blinding. You don’t want to distract an interviewer from what you’re saying with a shirt that’s too loud. So again, stay neutral, crisp and professional. Also, make sure you are properly dressed from head to toe. If you need to get up to access a file, you don’t want to be wearing a suit on the top and jogging pants on the bottom.

Step #3: Limit distractions.

Once you know when your Skype interview will occur, be sure to limit distractions for that time period. Make sure the kids and pets are out of the house for the duration of the interview. Also, turn off your cell phone and land line so it doesn’t ring during the interview. A barking dog or cranky child is not the way you want to make a memorable impression. Plus it will distract you from what you’re trying to say.a

Step #4: Make sure everything is working ahead of time.

You don’t want to have to deal with technical difficulties right when you’re about to start your interview. To avoid this situation, do a test run of Skype on your computer ahead of time so you know you can access it and you can also work out any bugs or issues you encounter. Also make sure your microphone is working and your web camera isn’t zoomed in too closely.

Step #5: Remember the camera is always on.

If the person interviewing you is talking for a while, it can be easy to get distracted and start doodling or playing with your phone. But you need to keep eye contact and maintain good body language – just as you would if you were in their office for an interview.

If you’d like more tips for acing an interview – or help finding your next job, call the experts at PrideStaff.

As one of the top Phoenix employment agencies, we can help you with the entire job search process, from writing a resume that gets results to connecting you with rewarding opportunities that aren’t always advertised.

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