As top Tempe recruiters, PrideStaff knows diversity is certainly a buzzword in the workplace these days. But it’s not something you should easily dismiss. In fact, a diverse workforce can offer your company a variety of valuable benefits, including:


  • Better solutions. Creativity and innovation increase when individuals with different ways of solving challenges work together towards a common solution.


  • Better people. Competition is fierce for the best workers. Research indicates that a more diverse workforce can actually help companies recruit the highest caliber talent. In fact, according to a survey by Glassdoor, two-thirds of those polled said that diversity was important to them when evaluating potential employers and job offers.


  • Best results. When you work in a diverse environment, with those from differing background and experience, your company can more effectively communicate with a wider audience, expanding your market share in the process.


Now that you know a few of the benefits, what can you do to create a more diverse workplace? Here are a few tips:


#1: Be Sensitive in Job Descriptions.

When creating job postings, focus on details and benefits that will be especially important to a more diverse applicant pool, such as on-site daycare, flexible schedules, or accommodations for religious holidays. When you take different kinds of people into account – and what’s important to them – you’ll be better able to attract diverse talent.

#2: Recruit From Diverse Sources. 

When you’re looking to hire, reach out to local organizations, such as cultural agencies, colleges, churches, and non-profits to source minority applicants. Ask your existing staff members for referrals to their peers. Also, advertise the job in publications that appeal to a diverse range of individuals.

#3: Make Sure Your Hiring Process is Standardized.

Create a standardized process in which to assess candidates so that you avoid any accusations of discrimination during the hiring process. By having a standardized process in place, you’re simply using the exact same criteria to evaluate candidates for a position. As a result, you’ll also lower the chances of any personal biases entering the decision making process.

#4: Have an Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Develop an anti-discrimination policy when it comes to hiring, promotions, and all other pertinent HR and staffing practices. Be sure to include it in your employee handbook and make sure that every employee gets a copy of it.


Do you need help hiring for your diverse workforce?

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