You should have an onboarding process in place for each new hire. But as one of the top staffing agencies in Tempe, PrideStaff knows when it comes to recent college graduates who have just joined your staff, you need to give them some extra attention. Here’s how to onboard them – and get them excited about their first work experience out of college:

Provide training and administration online.

Before their start date, let your new hire complete administrative forms online, as well as some of their basic training tasks. That way, they won’t be stuck filling out paperwork their first days on the job.

Give them a warm welcome.

From the moment a new hire walks through the door, make sure they feel welcomed. Be available to greet them and show them around. Have their work-station and computer set up. Give them a welcome basket that includes an employee directory, a list of local restaurants, and company apparel. And have a plan in place for getting them up to speed as quickly as possible.

Remember, this is their first work experience out of college, so they’re probably a little apprehensive. But when you welcome them with open arms, you boost their confidence, leading to a more motivated and productive team member.

Pair your new hire up with a buddy.

New college grads want to make the best impression possible. They may fear by asking a lot of questions – especially about basic stuff – they’re going to appear incompetent. Overcome this by pairing your new hire with a buddy; someone they can turn to for questions and advice on everything from company politics to using the phone system.

Give them opportunities to be social.

Make sure your new hire has plenty of opportunities to meet new people in the company. Invite them to lunch with colleagues on their first day. Include them at the company mixer. Make sure they know about the monthly brown bag lunches in the cafeteria.

Doing so will help them expand their network and learn more about what the company does in areas outside their own department. It will also help them feel like a part of the team faster.

Turnover is expensive. That’s why it’s important to support new employees, particularly those new to the working world, with comprehensive onboarding to ensure their success.

Need more help hiring and onboarding new talent for your team? Call the experts at PrideStaff. As one of the top staffing agencies in Tempe, our specialists can help you with the process from start to finish, giving you access to the skilled and dependable people you need.

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