sb10069485ci-001Imagine this scenario:

You’re a hiring manager at a company. You find a candidate with a stand-out resume who aces the interview. You hire him, only to have to fire him in just a few short weeks because he doesn’t have the skills to perform the job.

Sounds pretty awful. But as one of the leading employment agencies in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows that truth is, many employers go through this scenario and pay the price. The next time they need to hire, they require their top-pick candidates to take on a homework assignment, as a result.

What are the benefits of assigning homework to candidates?

These types of projects give an employer the opportunity to evaluate each candidate’s skills and experience in a real-world way. In addition, if they’re giving several candidates the exact same work, then it offers a yardstick with which to measure and compare abilities. A bad candidate may be able to provide all the right answers in a job interview; but they can’t fake skills and experience in a real assignment.

More and more hiring companies out there are requiring their candidates to complete a project before a hiring decision is made. So if you’re given an assignment, count yourself lucky. You’ve made it to the final round.

If you do decide to accept an assignment, how should you approach it?

Start by asking lots of questions. You want to ensure that you are clear about what’s expected of you. Inquire about the due date and how you need to submit your work, whether via email or during a presentation. In addition, ask for details and get input about the project, the audience, and the goals. Ask about whom you should reach out to if you have any questions. The last thing you want is to be unclear about a certain aspect of the project and deliver incorrect work as a result.

That said, if a potential employer gives you an assignment that’s going to take five full days to complete, then that’s not reasonable. In fact, they may be trying to get you to work for free. In these kinds of situations, it’s completely acceptable – and actually advised – to politely turn down their request.

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