NetworkIf you’re like most people, networking is a chore to cross off your “to do” list each week or month. But did you know that there’s an easier – and more effective way – to network?

Below are some tips to help you take advantage of everyday opportunities to build new relationships – and build your network in the process:

Change Your Perspective
As one of the leading employment agencies in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows when most people think of networking, they imagine a formal event where everyone is wearing a nametag and handing out business cards. But networking can be as simple as grabbing coffee with a colleague. Or re-connecting with an old college buddy over lunch. In other words, you don’t need to go to an official networking event to network. And considering that networking is really about building relationships, spending some one-on-one time with new connections and old colleagues is a far more effective way to cultivate partnerships.

Consider What You Can Do for Someone Else
Oftentimes, when it comes to networking, people think about what’s in it for them. That’s only natural. But rather than looking to others for help, serve as a source of inspiration, job leads, knowledge, information, or guidance for someone else.

For instance, next time you attend an industry conference, think about how you can help the different people that you meet. Can you connect them with a valuable partner or help them source a new vendor? When you position yourself as an expert or problem solver, you’ll make some truly transformative connections.

Follow Up & Follow Through
When you meet someone new, follow up with them to build on the relationship. If you come across an article you think would be of interest to them, pass it along. If you hear of an industry event they could benefit from, share the details. Think of various ways to stay connected – whether it’s inviting them to lunch or introducing them to others. Following up turns those you’ve met into those you know.

Establishing a great network takes time and effort. But doing so can make your career and your life more fulfilling. So don’t network only at formal business events; instead, try to reach out and create connections every day.


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