When Your Team Keeps Missing Deadlines

DeadlinesDoes your team have trouble with deadlines? As one of the top recruiting firms in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows that while one missed deadline may not be a big deal, regularly missing them can have a huge impact on your bottom line. To get your team back on track – and meeting deadlines on time – here are a few tips to follow:

Commit to reasonable deadlines.
Before you set a deadline, do some work and make a plan ahead of time to determine whether it’s reasonable. Without a plan in place, you’re simply setting an arbitrary date that may not be realistic. If it’s not realistic, people won’t take it seriously and will continue to blow deadlines. When this happens regularly, it communicates to your staff that you don’t really mean what you say and your deadlines aren’t absolute.

Be clear about deadlines.
If you need a report by Friday from Bob in accounting, don’t say “I’d really like to have the report by Friday.” That communicates that while it would be nice to have, you don’t require it. Instead, tell Bob “I need the report by Friday.”

Prioritize your team’s workload.
If you have a critical deadline looming, make sure your staff isn’t caught up in non-urgent work. Evaluate their workload and tasks to ensure they have the time and resources to meet the deadline. If there is something standing in their way, make sure they know that they must communicate any issues to you. If there’s a serious lack of manpower, then bring in temporary or contract help for a period of time to take on everyday tasks, while your staff focuses on meeting the deadline.

Hold people accountable.
If team members are missing milestones on their way to the deadline, hold them accountable. Otherwise, they won’t take your deadlines seriously. You don’t need to get angry, but you do need to meet with that person and let them know you’re concerned about their lack of progress.

Ask about obstacles.
If your team keeps missing deadlines due to events outside their control, then you need to know what those things are and deal with them. For instance, if IT problems are hindering their productivity, then those issues need to be solved if you expect your team to meet your deadlines.

Celebrate successes.
Celebrate milestones met and deadlines achieved. You’ll keep your staff motivated and engaged so meeting a deadline isn’t such a hassle the next time.

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