madYou’re in the midst of a performance review. You expect high marks. Your boss gives you low grades. You know you’ve achieved work goals and met deadlines. How can you disagree with your boss in a way that doesn’t come across as disrespectful? Here are a few key tips from one of the top employment agencies in Tempe, PrideStaff:

Keep an open mind and ask questions.
When your boss criticizes you, don’t automatically go on the defensive and get emotional. Really listen to what it is they’re saying and then ask questions to ensure you understand. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes, the truth can hurt. But if your boss points out a weakness – one you know to be true – look at the situation as an opportunity for improvement, rather than a reflection of your overall performance.

Consider the facts.
Make sure your boss is basing their judgment on all the facts. For instance, if they’re upset that it took you too long to complete a certain project – but you had to wait on certain colleagues to get their portions done – make sure your boss has a full understanding of the situation. Doing so will help ensure you’re both on the same page.

Clarify why you disagree.
If your boss gives you negative feedback in a certain area, but you disagree, explain clearly why. Keep the emotion out of your argument and just stick to the facts. Clarify your perspective and why it is you disagree with your boss. For instance, if your boss doesn’t think you’re producing reports quickly enough – but your lack of progress is due to IT snafus that you have no control over – explain that to your boss. They may not be aware of the situation.

Give your boss the last call.
It might be a hard pill to swallow, but at the end of the day, your boss is still your boss. If they want you to make a change in how you do things, or improve in a certain area, then you need to decide whether you’re willing to implement their feedback…or ready to look for a new opportunity.

If it’s the latter, and you’d like professional help finding a new job, let PrideStaff know.

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