exitIf you’ve just quit your job, then your soon-to-be-former employer is likely to want to sit down with you to conduct an exit interview. They basically want to find out why you’re leaving.

For you, the conversation can be uncomfortable – for example, if you really don’t like your manager or co-workers and they are the reason you’re leaving. So just how honest should you be? Do you smile, cover the truth and move on? Or dish about your difficult boss and nosy co-workers? After all, you never know what the future holds and you don’t want to burn any bridges.

As a leading Tempe employment agency, PrideStaff can tell you that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can be honest with HR about why you’re leaving; you just have to be diplomatic if it’s a sensitive issue.

For instance, if it’s your boss that’s the problem, rather than ranting and raving about him or her, just say that you didn’t always see eye to eye. Even if it does get back to your boss, it’s not like you got along in the first place and you won’t be asking for references any time soon.

Also, if you’re leaving because the new job offers a better opportunity, more advancement, higher pay and generous benefits, then communicate that to HR, as well. Even if you feel like your current job isn’t challenging enough and you want something more rewarding, your current employer is not going to try to sabotage your new job or career just because you’re being honest.

Keep in mind too: If the person conducting the exit interview is really a professional, then they’re going to want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. They can’t fix any issues at work if they don’t know what they are.

When you do go to your exit interview, be sure to balance the criticism you’re offering with some positive comments, as well. Tell the interview what is right – what you liked about working for the company – so you don’t leave behind a sense of negativity.

The bottom line is that if you prepare for your interview by thinking through how you want to phrase your feedback, then you’ll be able to be honest without being too harsh or feeling like you’re sabotaging yourself. Once that’s done, it’s time to focus on the new opportunities that lie ahead!

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