helpbuttonOn the hunt for a new career opportunity? You’re probably scouring the job boards and Internet for just the right position. But don’t forget to tap into the power of your #1 advantage when searching for a new position: your network.

That said, asking for help from colleagues when looking for employment in Phoenix can certainly be uncomfortable. To help you reach out in the right away, here are a few tips to follow:

Reach out to people separately.
It might be easier from your perspective to send out a mass email to everyone in your network. But you’ll have better luck if you reach out to people individually. They’ll feel like they need to respond because you’re communicating with them directly.

Think of it this way: when you send a mass email, there are going to be a whole bunch of people who assume someone else on the email list will help you. But when you send a personal communication straight to one individual, they will feel a responsibility to get back to you.

Be specific about what you want them to do.
Asking for general job search help – for instance, “hey, if you hear of any accounting job openings, let me know” – is ok. But getting specific is far more effective.

So if you come upon an opening at a certain company, and a former colleague works there, reach out to them and ask them directly about the scoop on getting hired and if they would submit your resume to HR.

Connect with people outside your field.
Don’t keep your networking efforts to your field. Get in touch with those outside the industry too because they may know about opportunities at their own companies or others that may not be advertised. When you only communicate with those in a narrow circle, you’re limiting your access to these opportunities.

Be diplomatic.
It can be frustrating when someone doesn’t get back to you – especially if you know they could connect you with the right opportunity. But don’t get too pushy or aggressive when you don’t hear back.

There are any number of reasons why they’re not responding – they could be too busy, not think you’re a good fit for the job, or may not be in a position to help. Whatever the case, let it go and focus on those in your network willing to assist.

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