costumeTheir resume looked great. They performed well in the phone screen. But then they arrived at your office for the interview and something appeared off. You can’t quite pinpoint it, but the candidate just didn’t seem to be who they said they were.

As leading Tempe recruiters, PrideStaff knows there are plenty of job candidates who can fake it all the way to the interview…and that’s where the mask comes off. If you notice any of the following signs, then you could be well on your way to a bad hire – if you don’t cut ties now.

1. They didn’t research your company.

When you inquire whether the candidate has any questions, they start asking you basics about the company. What do you do, what services do you offer, who are your clients? This is the sign of a badly prepared candidate.

They should know the basics – and more – about your company before coming to the interview. After all, why would you want to hire someone who doesn’t care enough to spend the time learning about a potential employer?

2. They don’t ask questions.

This is even worse than asking basic questions. How can a candidate possibly learn about the company, the position and whether they’re a fit without asking questions? The answer is: they can’t.

This is a sign that they’re either lazy and unprepared, or they aren’t all that interested in your opportunity. Either way, not a candidate you want to hire.

3. They can’t remember or talk about details from their resume.

You ask about a specific project or accomplishment they listed out on their resume, and all you get is a blank stare in return. Then they start fumbling for answers. Clearly, there’s been some resume embellishment going on if they can’t quickly recall information they submitted to you on their own resume.

Another big mistake candidates make is listing a skill that is in-demand in their industry, but really they know nothing about – for instance, “social media expertise.”

Just because they have a Facebook account doesn’t mean you should hire them to handle your social media presence. When you ask them to explain their so-called “expertise” and they can’t, then again, you may be dealing with a less-than-honest candidate.

If a candidate shows any of the signs above, then run, don’t walk the other way. There are plenty of skilled and talented professionals out there looking for opportunities just like yours. If you need help finding them, call Tempe recruiters, PrideStaff. We know where to look to find and recruit today’s top talent for your company.

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