Job_HopperWant to get ahead in your career? Don’t just focus on building a portfolio of strong technical skills. As one of the leading Phoenix employment agencies, PrideStaff knows if you want to achieve career success, you need to be a well-rounded professional, which includes boosting your soft skills.

Here’s a look at five that are most important to employers:

#1. Soft Skill: Self-Motivation

Employers want people who are driven and come to the table with ideas; not those who need to be pushed, prodded, or given specific and detailed instructions before moving forward. This means you have to take some risks, make mistakes and offer ideas that may not get implemented along the way.

#2. Soft Skill: Flexibility

Some employees are so stuck in their ways and resistant to change that they actually harm morale and productivity. Don’t be one of them. In today’s rapidly changing economy, employers don’t just want those who are adaptable and eager to learn – they are demanding them.

#3. Soft Skill: Emotional Intelligence

You’ve probably worked with people who are great at what they do, but terrible at collaborating with others and managing relationships. This certainly impacts career trajectory.

Instead, aim for high emotional intelligence. Understand your co-workers, how to foster a strong rapport with them, and how to manage your own emotions and connect with others. When you work successfully with your peers, you’ll enhance your visibility, expand your network and build your reputation.

#4. Soft Skill: Accountability

You might not be in charge of the company, but you are responsible for your work. And if you point fingers and start blaming every time something goes wrong, your boss isn’t going to see you as someone to be trusted with more challenging assignments.

Rather, it’s important to take ownership of your work. Invest in its outcome, look for ways to make it better or more efficient, identify problems and offer solutions.

#5. Soft Skill: Ability to Accept Feedback

Being open to feedback is necessary if you want to get ahead. Otherwise, you’re going to stay where you are in your career. You simply cannot learn and grow if you don’t listen to feedback and then work to incorporate those lessons into your everyday role. Rather than getting defensive, keep an open mind and look at input as an opportunity to get ahead.

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