sinkFirst impressions count.

And when you’re recruiting for your company, the first impression a candidate is going to have of you many times stems from the job posting. What do you think is more appealing?

A) A simple, balanced one with a few key requirements for the opening, along with information about what it’s like to work at the company.

B) A 1,000-word posting with 20 job responsibilities and 30 requirements plus a lengthy application form.

What’s unfortunate too is that both positions might be exciting, rewarding and highly sought after – except for the way they’re presented. A candidate is going to be far more likely to apply to position A than B; this is especially true for in-demand professionals.

As a leading staffing services firm in Phoenix, PrideStaff can tell you it’s all about positioning. And the way you position your openings and your company is going to impact your recruiting efforts. Simply put: A great job posting will help you attract higher caliber candidates.

To help you enhance yours, here are a few strategies to consider:

Define what success in the role looks like.
Instead of listing a bunch of job duties and requirements, define what success in the role looks like. If it’s producing 50 widgets everyday, then state that. If it’s being able to expertly answer phones, file papers and greet customers all it once, then communicate that. The more clearly you describe the role – and how a successful hire will perform in it – the better fit candidates will come your way. People will think “hey, I can do that” or, on the flip side, “no, I could never do that.”

Identify a few key requirements.
There are likely certain key requirements that are absolute must-haves for your position. But there probably aren’t 30. So don’t take the “kitchen sink” approach when you’re writing your job posting. It does not need to communicate every single detail about the job to candidates. Instead, list out only 4 or 5 non-negotiables and leave the rest for the interview process.

Make it easy to read.
You may not think how your job posting looks impacts results, but it really does. So don’t make candidates work hard just to learn about the opening and the company. Keep paragraphs shorts, use bullets and infuse a little personality into it – otherwise, they will give up and move onto to other job leads.

Need more help crafting effective job postings? Call PrideStaff. As a leading staffing services firm in Phoenix, our expert team of recruiters can work with you to define the position, write an effective job description and posting, and source and recruit top candidates for it. Find out more! Contact us today.

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