InterviewAs one of the leading employment agencies in Tempe, PrideStaff can tell you that most people leave jobs behind because of issues with their bosses – not necessarily their positions. So if you want to ensure your next manager is a good match for you, be sure to vet him or her thoroughly. Here are a few questions you can ask to help you do that in a job interview.

What do you like about working here?
While you obviously want to hear about the specific perks and attributes your boss enjoys most about the company, you’re also looking at “how” they’re answering the question. Do they sound enthusiastic and challenged? Or stressed and burned out? If it doesn’t sound like your boss enjoys his or her job much, then it’s going to be tough to be a part of their team.

How do you communicate with your staff?
Your boss might be a hands-on manager with daily progress meetings, or they may take a more laid back approach. They key is to learn where they fall on the management spectrum and ensure you’re comfortable with it. For instance, if the boss seems like they like to stay at arm’s length – and you operate better in a more autonomous environment working independently – then it could be the right kind of employee/supervisor relationship for you.

How do you give input to your staff members?
Some bosses rely on once-a-year performance appraisals, which indicates that their approach is a little too hands off. After all, if there is an issue with your performance or expectations, you’d want to know right away so you can rectify it. Instead, look for a boss that offers regular feedback and advice.

What are your other employees like?
When you ask this question, you’re not necessarily trying to gain a sense of whether you’d get along with them. What you want to know is how the boss views them. If they start bashing their own team, then you know right away this boss doesn’t respect their staff.

Once you leave the interview, be sure to think about the answers the boss gave you too. Did you feel like you connected and like you could you work for this person? Or do you have a nagging sensation in your gut? Keep in mind: you’re probably going to have to collaborate with this person everyday if you accept the position. So it’s critical to ensure you are compatible.

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