DateWith Valentine’s Day almost here – and love in the air – it reminded us how true the analogy is between the first date and the job interview. Here are just a few traits the two situations share:

1. Arrival time matters.
When you’re going on a date, arriving 30 minutes ahead of schedule makes you look desperate, whereas arriving 10 minutes late makes you seem disrespectful.As one of the leading recruiting firms in Tempe, PrideStaff knows the same holds true for job interviews. Arrive a few minutes beforehand to show that you’re both punctual and professional.

2. First impressions count.
When you show up looking sharp, your date is going to like what they see. Show up un-showered, unkempt and looking like you just rolled out of bed, and they will probably want to slam the door in your face.

While a hiring manager might not actually take such drastic measures, what you wear and your appearance can help you win or lose points. So even if you’re interviewing at a place that seems ultra casual, wear a suit. There is no such thing as “too professional” in a job interview.

3. Don’t give away all your secrets.
Ever been on a first date with someone who offers up way too much information? They tell you about every significant other, their plans for the next 10 years, and how many kids they want along with the names for each.

When you’re going on a job interview, don’t be “that” person. Give clear and concise answers, only sharing what the interviewer is asking about, and stay positive and confident throughout.

4. Don’t ask inappropriate questions.
For instance, if you’re on a first date with someone you know has been married before, don’t ask “so why’d you get divorced?” Let them offer up that information when they are ready.

Similarly, when you’re on your first job interview with a company, don’t ask in the first five minutes about healthcare benefits, the retirement plan, and how many vacation days you get if hired. Most hiring managers will give you that information when they are good and ready – which is usually when they think you are a strong contender for the job.

5. Make sure there’s chemistry.
“But they looked perfect on paper!” So many times, a first date sounds like the ideal fit, but when you meet them in person, you realize there is no chemistry – which is critical for the success of a relationship.

Likewise, when you are searching for just the right job, make sure you feel like a position and an employer are a fit for your background, personality, and career goals. Otherwise, you’ll wind up right back where you started – on the job market.

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