EmployerBrandingWhen candidates are looking for jobs or researching employers, where do they turn first? In many cases, it’s to LinkedIn. And if you’re looking to hire, what will a candidate find about you?

To ensure you’re putting your best foot forward – and building a memorable employer brand on LinkedIn – here are some tips to consider:

Create a Career Page
This sounds like a no brainer. But as a leading Phoenix staffing services firm, PrideStaff knows that most employers create company profile pages and call it a day. But with LinkedIn, you can add subpages to your profile – and one of these pages should be a career page.

As a hub of communication with candidates, your career page should showcase who you are as a company, why someone would want to work for you and what job openings you’re offering. Use employee testimonials, videos and banners to tell your story. Also, keep your candidate network informed by inviting them to follow your company on LinkedIn.

Promote Your Most Relevant Job Openings
Millions of active and passive job candidates are on LinkedIn each day and every opening you post is a chance to show off your brand. When you do post jobs, be sure to keep it simple – a clear title; concise details about the position; and information about the unique aspects of working at your company. You can even use tools like Sponsored Jobs to promote mission critical job openings.

Use Targeted Status Updates
Originally, hiring managers couldn’t tailor their content to key talent pools. Instead, candidates in different job functions, fields and locations all received the same exact content. Now, with targeted status updates, you can provide content that is both relevant and personalized to interested professionals.

Measure Your Efforts
You can measure the strength of your employer brand using an index calculated from billions of LinkedIn interactions. You can compare the number of people familiar with your employer brand versus those who are proactively showing interest in your company and your job offerings. You can also benchmark your employer brand against your peers and track changes over time to measure the impact of your branding efforts.

Get Your Employees to be Brand Ambassadors
Are your employees proud to work for your company? Then ask them to show it. Educate them about why it’s important to have a strong employer brand and how they can go about helping you build one by sharing their own unique and positive stories on social media.

For more on attracting great candidates, read our article that offers easy tips on mobile recruiting. If you’d like additional help with your recruiting efforts, give PrideStaff a call. As a leading Phoenix staffing services firm, we can take the hassle out of the hiring process for you.

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