Job-Interview-PhoenixIf you show up to a job interview unprepared, you’re not going to get hired. It’s really that simple. As a leading employment firm in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows from experience that a lack of preparation shows up loud and clear, even to the novice hiring manager.

So if you really want to get hired, then you need to invest some time and effort into the process. To help you, here are 5 quick tips for prepping so you can ace your next big interview:

1. Bring copies of your resume.
Don’t assume the interviewer has a copy of your resume on hand. Instead, bring several copies with you. Even if they do, there may be other people participating in the interview who don’t have a copy. And showing up armed with resume copies is a simple way to score some points.

2. Bring a list of references.
If the interviewer asks you to complete an application form, it’s likely going to require you to list at least three references and contact information for each. So make life easier for yourself by bringing a list of your references, along with their job titles, companies, phone numbers and email addresses. Also, don’t forget to call them ahead of time to make sure it’s ok you use them as a reference.

3. Scour the Internet ahead of time.
The more you know before an interview, the more confident you will be and the better impression you will make. So before the interview:

  • Go to LinkedIn and review the company’s profile page.
  • Look for people you know who already work there and if you can, connect with them ahead of time to get the scoop on getting hired at the company.
  • Research the person you will be interviewing with and look for anything in their background you have in common with them (such as volunteer activities or alma mater).
  • Look for news articles online about the company and issues impacting them.

4. Take care of the “little” stuff.
Sure, you’ve got your questions prepared, answers ready to go and your suit all pressed. But do you also know how to get to the interview location? How long it will take you to get there? Whether there are any construction zones on the way? And whether the company has a parking lot or if you have to park on the street?

Don’t let something as silly as not having coins for a parking meter derail a great interview opportunity. Take care of these seemingly “little” things ahead of time.

5. Be kind to everyone you come in contact with.
This includes the parking attendant, the receptionist and anyone you meet during your time at the company. You never know whether a hiring manager will ask their employees about these interactions. And if they do, you want to ensure they only have positive remarks to offer.

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