helpbuttonYou know that hiring temporary employees can offer you added flexibility without the overhead. But you’re not really sure if temp help is right for you.

Sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone. Lots of companies are interested in temporary staffing, but they’re undecided about whether to pursue it or not.

If you’re in this position, here’s a look at 5 situations in which your company can benefit from the use of temporary employees:

#1. Increased Demand
If your orders have been steadily increasing with no end in sight, then it’s time to consider adding to your workforce. When you bring in temporary help, you can keep them on for as short or as long as you need them. You can therefore get extra help without having to pay for expensive benefits and overtime. Plus, you’ll buy extra time to see if the growth can be sustained and whether you should really hire full-time employees in the future.

#2. Peak Busy Periods
You have certain months of the year that are always busy. If you know about them ahead of time, why not bring in temp help to supplement your core staff rather than paying expensive overtime? That way, you can get the extra hands you needed without the hefty price-tag.

#3. Leave of Absence
An employee is going on sick or maternity leave and you need someone to do their job while their gone. This is an ideal situation in which to bring in temporary help. A temp employee can stay for as little or as long as you need them – and fill the position until your full-time employee returns.

#4. A Big Project
You just landed a new client – and with it comes an enormous project. Do you have the right people in the right positions to get the job done?

If you’re not sure, consider brining in temp help. You can hire temporary employees to simply provide support services to your core staff, or you can bring in those with specialized skills and expertise to actually work on the project. Once the project is over, they’ll move onto their next assignment.

#5. Uncertainty
There’s a lot of uncertainty out there in today’s economy. As a result, investing in new full-time employees can be a risky prospect. At the same time, you have orders to fill and customer accounts that need servicing.

With temporary employees, you can get the people and the skills you need, where and when you need them. You can get the work done, keep your workforce flexible and also weather the storm of uncertainty until things come into focus.

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