growSure, you want to hire someone with the right abilities to do the job. But as leading Tempe recruiters, PrideStaff knows you should also be on the lookout for candidates who can offer more. For instance, they may not have the skills and experience to be a company leader today, but they should certainly have the potential to be one tomorrow.

Why look for candidates with growth potential?
For one simple reason: you get a much better return on your investment in them. Think about it. You hire a candidate for a certain job and offer them additional training and support. As a result, they eventually take on more responsibility, develop new skills, and add more value to the company’s bottom line.

So next time you’re hiring, be on the lookout for candidates with growth potential. You can start by asking the right questions. Here are a few to consider:

Tell me about an important task or project you had to complete on your own.
A candidate with growth potential is going to be able to work independently. However, if they’ve never had to complete an important project or task on their own, it could be an indication that a) their past boss didn’t trust them to do so or b) they weren’t comfortable without a lot of hand holding and support.

Tell me about a time when you had to change gears or be flexible on the job.
You need to hire candidates who can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and demands. And if you’re trying to hire someone with plenty of growth potential, then that person will need to be flexible and roll with the punches, rather than being rigid or going into panic mode when issues arise.

What do you like to learn about?
Asking this question can help you uncover whether the candidate is an eager learner, or simply does enough to get by. A candidate who is enthusiastic to learn will be much easier to train and will be more open to new ideas. So whether a candidate has a hobby they are passionate about, or they love to read up on the latest industry trends and challenges, look for an eagerness to learn, to grow and to improve.

What’s your idea of the perfect job?
The candidate’s answer to this question will help you determine whether your current and future needs align with the goals they have. After all, it’s not just about your needs and wants for a great hire. It’s also about the candidate’s aspirations. If your company can’t help them achieve their goals, then they won’t be with you for very long.

And if you need more help with any aspect of the hiring process – from interviewing to skills testing – let PrideStaff know. As leading Tempe recruiters, we can source, evaluate and test top candidates – all so you get the new hire who can grow with your company.

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