Attract Top Talent With Your Mobile Recruiting Site

mobilerecruitingIn today’s day and age, more and more candidates are using their smart phones and tablets to search for job openings. So if your mobile site is clunky and confusing, or worse, your website isn’t optimized for a mobile device, then you could fall behind your competitors when it comes time to recruit.

In order to impress candidates with your mobile site – and attract the top ones –keep the following thoughts in mind:

Engage Your Audience

Your mobile site isn’t about you. It’s about the job candidates. So you have to think about what’s important to them when creating your mobile site.

For instance, mobile sites are more about look and feel and less about text heavy pages. So skip the long-winded paragraphs and instead incorporate big graphics and videos with short, punchy headlines.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, then look at other mobile recruiting sites and take note of what they’re doing that’s working.

Work With a Reputable Vendor

Once you have a good sense of your vision for your mobile recruiting site, start seeking out vendors to create it. You’ll want to ask them for references to other client sites that you can review before making a decision. Even better, choose a vendor who has specific experience developing mobile recruiting sites.

One must-have you’ll want from whomever you ultimately choose is the ability to easily change the site. If you’re going to be posting new jobs and other related content to the site, you need a content management system that is easy to use.

Think Through the Application Process

One deadly mobile recruiting mistake employers make is to simply use the same application process they have on their website in their mobile sites. But a long process will turn candidates off. Look for areas where you can streamline the process and only ask for candidates to submit the basics via their mobile devices.

Schedule Interviews Via Text

Use an enterprise text messaging system to communicate with candidates about interviews. You can send interview locations and directions to their phones and link it to Google Maps. Candidates can then click on the link and create a route to the location.

While it will take some time and effort to develop an effective mobile recruiting site, the good news is that many companies out there don’t have sites optimized for mobile devices. That means by creating a functional and engaging site for your company, you’ll be one step ahead in your recruiting strategy.

Need More Help With the Recruiting Process?

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