noThere are a few tasks managers dread most: dealing with workplace conflict, firing an employee, and telling a candidate they didn’t get the job. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows that when it comes to the latter, most simply send off a vague form letter that typically includes a statement about “going in a different direction.”

While this is all fine and good (especially considering that some companies don’t communicate at all with candidates), there is a better way to let down a candidate.

But why would you want to spend the time and effort? Because one of those candidates could be your next great hire. Just because someone wasn’t the right fit for a particular job doesn’t mean they won’t be an ideal fit for the next one.

However, if you leave a bad taste in their mouth, then they simply won’t want to work with you in the future. Plus they’ll tell all their friends about the poor treatment they received from your company. And in the age of social media, is that really a risk you’re wiling to take?

To help you deal with this sensitive situation – and let a candidate down as gently as possible, here are a few tips to consider:

Be Direct
That means no stringing candidates along. If you’ve already found one or two great candidates you want to hire, then let your other candidates know. Don’t leave them out in the cold wondering why they haven’t heard back after an interview three weeks ago.

Call Them if You Can
If you received hundreds of resumes, clearly you’re not going to make a personal phone call to each and every one. However, if you interviewed half a dozen candidates and selected one, then do take the time to call the other five and inform them of your decision.

Email or Write Them
If you have a plethora of candidates to get back to, then an email or letter is your best option. Even if they were never interviewed, they will have peace of mind knowing that their application was received, even if it means they’re not the right fit. The truth can hurt, but not knowing hurts worse.

Offer Feedback
If you can (i.e. if your employer doesn’t prohibit you from doing so for legal reasons), offer some feedback to the candidate as to why they didn’t get the job. Perhaps they didn’t have the right skill set, or other candidates were simply more experienced. Whatever the case is, be gentle but honest.

Job candidates spend a lot of time applying for positions. While rejection can be discouraging, wallowing in the resume or interview black hole, with no feedback, is actually worse. So do your candidates a favor. Let them know when they’re out of the running. They’ll appreciate your honesty and feel free to move onto other opportunities.

Need Help Finding Your Next Great Hire?
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