motivateAs one of the leading staffing services firms in Tempe, PrideStaff knows that motivated employees are the key to getting stuff done, plain and simple. Unfortunately, getting your employees engaged and inspired is easier said than done; and despite what many managers think, it’s certainly not as simple as handing out a bonus.

So what can you do if your team seems de-energized, disengaged and just plain bored? Here are a few tips to get your staff back on track and excited about their future at your company:

Think About What Motivates You

When talking employee motivation, most people’s minds automatically go to monetary incentives. But you don’t have to hand out bonuses in order to get your staff engaged.

Instead, think about the things that motivate you – and the things that de-motivate you. You’ve likely had good and bad work experiences in the past; effective bosses and poor ones; successful projects and ones that failed. Look at your background and determine what kept you motivated and what you found discouraging.

Find Out What Motivates Your Staff

Most people would love better pay or more benefits. But you may be surprised by some of the other things that really motivate and de-motivate. So ask them what they want out of their job; what concerns they’re facing and what areas need improvement.

In the process, you’ll likely find that employees are going to be motivated by different things, like more challenging assignments, more opportunity for development, more efficiently run projects, and a more flexible schedule. When it comes to motivating your staff, you need to find out what they want and then enable them to earn it.

Get Rid of De-motivators

Whether it’s an uncomfortable workspace or a lack of recognition, these are the things that are sucking the life out of your workplace. And if you want to achieve company goals, then you need to banish them as quickly as possible.

Some will be easy to remove, while it may take some time to get rid of others. But the fact that you are working toward a solution – even if progress is slow – will send the message to your staff that you care, which serves as a motivator.

Take Action

If in talking to your employees, you find some common themes – such as a desire for a flexible schedule or more training opportunities – then consider implementing a company wide policy. If many employees will be positively impacted by a new policy or program, then it certainly makes business sense to accommodate them.

Open the Door

Don’t sit at your desk all day behind a closed door. Instead, get out there and walk the job. Talk to your staff, interact with key players, and show a genuine interest in what they’re doing. In other words, keep those lines of communication open. You’ll earn the respect of your staff and they’ll feel more comfortable approaching you when there is a problem or concern.

Need Help Hiring Motivated Employees?

Anyone can act ambitious in a job interview. But how do you know what their “true self” will be once in the position?

If you need to hire self-motivated people – and don’t want to risk a hiring mistake – let PrideStaff know. As one of the leading staffing services firms in Tempe, we know the questions to ask, the tests to administer and the red flags to look out for in order to recruit driven, skilled and dependable people.

Contact PrideStaff today to learn more about how we can help you.


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