InterviewYou’ve screened resumes, interviewed candidates, and performed background checks. Now, you’re ready to make the offer.

But have you done all your homework to ensure you’re making the right hiring decision?

Unfortunately, for many hiring managers, the answer is “no.” As top Phoenix recruiters, PrideStaff knows that not only do they often make decisions based on gut vs. fact, but they also tend to hire those who are most like them – and that’s not always the kind of person who will thrive in a particular position.

So to help you make the best hiring decision for your company, here’s a look at a few factors you should always consider before extending a job offer:

Check References and Review Feedback

If you haven’t checked references, then now’s the time to do it. Make sure you talk with at least two former supervisors.

When you do, don’t just ask about job title and years on the job (which you should always ask about too; after all, if the candidate isn’t telling the truth about the basics, then what else are they lying about?); also ask strategic questions that can help you elicit valuable information, such as “If you could hire this person again, would you?”

Assess Cultural Fit

If a candidate has all the right skills and experience, it can be tempting to ignore whether or not they will fit in culturally with the organization. But if you don’t assess cultural fit, you will regret it in the end. So if your candidate prefers a lot of independence and the job requires extensive collaboration, then they’re likely not a good match for the position.

Evaluate Skill Set

Obviously, a candidate can become the most popular new hire ever, but they also need the existing skills to do the job – or they need to be able to obtain them quickly through training.

So if you’re hiring for a bookkeeping position, and the candidate only has small business experience, but you’re a larger corporation, can they expand their skill set in order to handle the demands of the job?

You need to ask these tough questions before making a decision.

Look at Growth Potential

One candidate may have more experience than another; and yet the latter candidate has advanced forward in his or her career far more quickly. So which do you choose? The one with more growth potential.

When making a hiring decision, look for signs that illustrate a dedication to growth. For instance, how does a candidate stay abreast of industry trends? What new skills has a candidate obtained recently? What have they said that tells you they’re committed to ongoing growth and development?

You don’t simply want to hire a person for the position; you want to bring them into the fold of your company and help them reach their potential so that both parties benefit in the end.

Need More Help Extending Offers to the Right Candidates?
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