Job_HopperPerhaps you haven’t found your niche. Or maybe you’ve had to deal with multiple lay-offs. Whatever your situation, you have several jobs on your resume, each of which you’ve only been at for a year or less. As a result, a hiring manager will label you a “job hopper.”

So why is this bad?

As leading Phoenix employment agency, PrideStaff can tell you that many jobs with short durations can lead a potential employer to think you won’t stick around at their company either. Not a good position to be in if you’re looking for a new job.

However, you can explain your past transitions in a way that positions you in a positive light for a hiring manager. Here’s how:

Explain How You Benefited
When you walk into an interview, the hiring manager will undoubtedly ask about your job-hopping background. So be ready to explain how you benefited from the moves. For instance, perhaps you landed a new job with more responsibility or better pay, or at a company that offered opportunities for advancement.

Explain Why You’ll Stick Around
Once you’ve positioned your job-hopping in a positive light, you need to alleviate the fear a hiring manager has that you’ll jump ship at their company in less than a year. Perhaps it’s the company’s stellar employer brand, or their mission you’re especially passionate about. Whatever it is, you need to convince the hiring manager why you want the job…and why you’ll stick around.

Clearly, if you’ve been laid off, then you don’t have much choice in your situation. But if you are changing jobs often by choice, then you need to consider the kind of impact it’s going to have on your career in the long-term.

In the future, aim to stay at a position for at least two years if you’re in the beginning of your career. If you’re more mid-level at this point, then a duration of four or five years is more appropriate.

Ready to Jump Ship to a New Job?
If you are, let PrideStaff know. As leading Phoenix employment agency, we can help you craft a resume that gets results, as well as match you with job opportunities that are a great fit for you.

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