InternIt’s that time of year – when potential summer interns are flooding you with resumes, hoping to get their foot in the door at your company. But while they may be pursuing you relentlessly, just how carefully are you screening them?

Even though the work arrangement is temporary, a hard-working intern may just be your next great hire…or they could be a nightmare. That’s why you must look out for some red flags during the interview process. Here’s a look at five common ones:

Sign #1: They’re late.
They’re students, so you think you’ll cut them some slack. But as one of the leading Tempe staffing agencies, PrideStaff can tell you that if they’re late to the interview, then that’s a sign of what’s to come should you hire them. If, however, they’re early, then that’s a good sign they’re both eager and well prepared.

Sign #2: They ask about pay first.
If you want to attract the best interns, then you should compensate them fairly. However, if money is the first thing a potential intern asks about, then that’s likely the only thing they’re interested in – not the position, not the company, and not the industry.

Sign #3: They’re arrogant.
When intern candidates are answering questions, they should come across as poised and articulate. They should also be prepared to promote their accomplishments that are relevant to the position. However, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. And if a candidate comes off as egotistical, then you may just have an office diva on your hands.

Sign #4: They’re unprofessional.
Some signs of unprofessionalism include not dressing appropriately, bad language or swearing during the interview, not being prepared to answer your questions, and not asking any questions of their own. If the candidate can’t follow proper interview protocol, then they’ll probably struggle once on the job at your company.

Sign #5: They seem unenthusiastic.
You’ll be able to quickly spot the eager candidates over the unenthusiastic ones. You want to hire someone who truly wants to work for your company and in your industry; not a mediocre candidate who just needs the class credit.

Just because you’re hiring an intern, doesn’t mean you should skimp during the interview process. Be prepared, ask tough questions, and thoroughly analyze each candidate to ensure you hire the right one.

And if you need some additional help with your hiring process, let PrideStaff know. As one of the leading Tempe staffing agencies, we can help you overcome your staffing and HR-related hassles, so you can focus on running your business and improving your bottom line.

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