MythWhen it comes to HR functions, none can impact your company more than the task of finding and hiring the right people. Unfortunately, there are many common myths out there about recruiting that can actually interfere with your organization’s hiring effectiveness.

To help ensure you don’t fall victim to them, here’s a look at 5 – and how you can overcome each:

Myth 1. With the slow economy, you can offer lower compensation.
Not true. When it comes to top talent, if you low-ball an offer, candidates will go elsewhere to find employment. Likewise, if you’re not offering your existing employees fair market value for the work they do, you’re likely going to lose out in the long run. So always pay workers what they’re worth…and if you can offer more, then that gives your company a competitive advantage.

Myth 2. Social media is just a trend that will die soon.
As Tempe recruiters, PrideStaff can’t predict the fate of social media. However, what we can tell you is that today, more than half of all job seekers look for jobs using social media.

So ask yourself this: Are you really willing to miss out on over half the talent out there just because you view social media as a trend that will lose impact?

Myth 3. Your company doesn’t need an employer brand.
A clearly defined employer brand can offer important benefits. It can improve the number of applications you receive from qualified candidates and offer you a more attractive pool of candidates to choose from.

In addition, if you work in an industry or are recruiting for a position where competition is strong, having a clear employer brand can give you an edge; it can make you stand out, keep you top of mind, and give compelling reasons for candidates to work for your company.

Myth 4. Testing candidates is the most important aspect of the hiring process.
Of course, testing is important. But so is sourcing, screening, interviewing, checking references, and the list goes on. It’s not these individual tasks that are going to help you hire; it’s the sum of them that enables you to uncover the true candidate…and see if they’re a good fit.

Myth 5. There is a perfect-fit candidate.
No there isn’t. There’s a great candidate, an ideal one, a right-fit one. But there’s no such thing as the perfect-fit candidate (just as there’s no such thing as the perfect-fit employer).

So rather than trying to attain the impossible, focus your efforts on hiring a candidate with the skills to get the job done and the attitude and personality to thrive at your organization…even if they have some flaws.

Don’t Have Time to Recruit?
If you need to recruit, but simply don’t have the time, let PridStaff know. As Tempe recruiters, we can take the hassle out of hiring – so you can focus on other priorities while still gaining access to quality talent.

Contact PrideStaff today to learn more about how we can help you.

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