JobSeekerYou have skills, experience, a good attitude…and yet, you can’t seem to find a job anywhere. You apply and hear nothing; you go to an interview, only to get a rejection letter; or you think you’re a shoo-in, only to find the position has been cancelled.

What gives?

While it’s hard to tell without knowing your unique situation, as leading Tempe recruiters, one of the most common problems PrideStaff sees among job candidates is that they’re applying to everything.

But there are a few big problems with this approach, which is why it doesn’t work:

Problem #1:
When you apply everywhere, you’re probably applying to jobs that you’re overqualified for. That means the hiring manager sees you as a big risk. They know you’ll likely leave the second a better opportunity comes along.

Problem #2:
You’re also likely applying for jobs that you’re not qualified for. It’s the “hey, you never know” approach…except that you’re wasting your time and the manager’s time if you’re really not qualified.

Problem #3:
You’re applying for jobs you don’t really want. As a result, your resume is vague and generic; you’re not doing anything in it to promote your accomplishments and why you’re the best fit for the opportunity. Managers want to hire someone who want their particular job…not just any old job.

So what can you do?

  • First stop applying everywhere. Spend your time and effort crafting a quality cover letter (based on research about the company and how you can help make an impact there), along with a resume tailored to each position you’re applying for.
  • Determine what it is you want. You’re desperate to land a job, but all you’re really doing is spinning your wheels. Stop. Think about what kind of job you really want. Ascertain your career goals and the work, duties, and responsibilities you’d really like to take on.
  • Identify a few specific companies that you’d like to work for. Even if they don’t have job openings posted, figure out how to get your foot in the door there. You may need to reach out to your network for help on this one. Or by conducting some quick web research, you can probably find the name and contact information for the manager of the department you’d like to work in. Send along your cover letter and resume and let him or her know you’re inquiring about openings.
  • Consider relocation. If jobs in your field are drying up in your area, then perhaps it’s time to relocate. Scary as it is, if you want to stay in your field it may be inevitable.

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