Texting-at-WorkIn today’s world, texting has become a ubiquitous form of communication. However, as one of the top employment agencies in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows that when it comes to workplace etiquette, that doesn’t mean it’s an appropriate way to communicate in every situation.

Furthermore, there seems to be a lack of policy in the workplace surrounding texting. This can lead to confusion, a negative impression, and a lack of productivity.

So what are some situations in which texting is ok – and what are some in which it’s just not? Here’s a look:

Situation #1: You’re sick and can’t make it to work today.

When you’re not feeling well, it’s tempting to just punch out a quick text, hit the send button and go back to bed. But avoid the temptation. Instead, give your boss a call directly and let him or her know you won’t be making it in. Doing so will make you look more professional and committed to the job. Plus your boss may have questions about what you’re working on, so you really need to have a conversation.

Situation #2: You just made a big sale.

You should definitely be promoting your “wins” on the job. Shooting your boss a quick text about an important achievement – like a big sale – will help you do that. Even better, though, would be to stop by your boss’s office and talk it over in person. This will rev up the excitement about your achievement even more.

Situation #3: You want a raise.

Asking for a raise via text message is likely a good way NOT to get promoted. First, it makes you look insincere. Secondly, you need to sell yourself – and your unique value – before you can convince your boss you deserve a raise. And you can’t do any of that in a text message.

Situation #4: You have to push back a scheduled meeting by ½ hour.

In this kind of situation, it’s ok to text, as long as you know everyone scheduled to attend the meeting regularly checks their phones for texts.

Situation #5: You’re quitting.

Absolutely not! You may hate your job and your boss, but quitting via text will make you look incredibly unprofessional. Instead, follow proper protocol and submit a standard letter of resignation.

When it comes to texting at work, they key rule is not to discuss major issues via text. Those are the kinds of conversations that demand face-to-face time or at least a phone call. For minor issues, it’s likely ok. Just use some good, old-fashioned common sense if you’re not sure.

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