Happy EmployeesIn today’s world, long employee tenure is a thing of the past. Staying with a company for 10, 20, or 30 years was the norm a generation ago; these days, it’s an anomaly.

And in fact, according to recent research from MetLife, 1 in 3 employees hoped to be working for a different employer last year and this figure was much higher when generation Y workers were considered.

That said, as one of the leading staffing agencies in Tempe, PrideStaff can tell you that you don’t need to sit back and accept this trend. There are steps you can take during the hiring process to help you recruit people who will be more likely to stay with you for the long-term.

Here’s a look at 4 of them:

Step #1. Evaluate a Candidate’s Personality.

Many times, hiring managers assess hard skills without giving nearly as much thought to soft skills and personality. This is a mistake!

In fact, the majority of hiring mismatches happen due to a lack of cultural fit, not because the candidate is lacking a certain skill set. That’s why it’s so important to ensure the candidate not only has the technical skills to do the job, but the right personality to mesh well with your company’s unique culture.

Step #2. Educate Candidates About the Company.

Ok, so you’re evaluating a candidate’s personality; but are you also giving them the information they need to evaluate whether your company is the right fit for them?

Again, we can’t stress enough how important cultural fit is when it comes to hiring right. That’s why candidates need to get an accurate sense of your company, so they can determine whether they’ll fit in.

One way to do that? Allow your top pick candidates to meet with and interview an existing employee to get a better sense of what working at the company is really like.

Step #3. Ensure They’re Properly On-boarded.

Expecting a new hire to hit the ground running without proper training and support is a recipe for failure. They’ll wind up frustrated and disengaged.

Instead, require that each new hire goes through a mandatory on-boarding process to ensure they have the information, resources, and support they need to get off to a great start at your company.

Step #4. Offer Great Perks.

Employees are generally more loyal to employers who offer perks they know they may not get elsewhere. These can include anything from the ability to telecommute to flex time to a paid gym membership. When you offer benefits that employees like – and use – they will be much more reluctant to leave your company in search of greener pastures.

Don’t Have Enough Time to Devote to Hiring Loyal Employees?

Let PrideStaff know. As one of the top staffing agencies in Tempe, it’s our job to take the hassle out of hiring for you. We’ll handle all the sourcing, screening, interviewing, and testing – so you can focus on other priorities and still get the loyal employees you need.

Contact PrideStaff today to learn more about how we can help you.

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