LeaderFinding great employees is hard enough. But when it comes to hiring great leaders, the task can seem downright impossible.

Sound familiar?

If it does, you’re certainly not alone. As top Phoenix recruiters, PrideStaff knows many companies have a difficult time finding people with the right mix of leadership abilities – along with hard skills – to bring on board at their companies as managers.

However, there is an easier way. And it involves developing your current crop of top-performing employees so they can attain future leadership positions within the company. While it certainly takes a thoughtful approach, it can also lead to a huge return on investment in the form of homegrown talent.

So where do you begin? Here are some tips to consider:

Make Sure Future Leaders are Challenged.
Push employees with growth potential past their proven skill level with stretch assignments. Force them outside of their comfort zones, while still giving them the support they need to succeed. Doing so will not only ensure they gain important expertise and perspectives, but even if they fail, they’ll learn valuable lessons from their mistakes.

Offer Future Leaders the Opportunity to Experience Different Jobs Within the Company.
It’s important for managers to understand how a company works from the ground up. That’s why enabling future leaders to rotate through different jobs can be so valuable. They’ll gain a new level of insight into how the company operates and the people who make it work each day.

Facilitate Networking for Your Future Leaders.
Whether your future leader is entry level or senior level, networking is one key to his or her success. So be sure to facilitate networking opportunities by introducing your future leaders to the higher ups and movers and shakers at the company. This will help to ensure that connections are made and relationships built not just with those inside their department, but across the board at the company.

Pair Future Leaders With a Mentor.
One of the best ways to expedite leadership development is by pairing a burgeoning leader with an existing one, or one that’s recently retired.

When you do, be sure to develop guidelines for the relationship – i.e. when mentors and mentees should meet, how often, and the goals of the relationship. Also, factor in time for the pair to get to know each other before jumping into a certain assignment or issue. Doing so helps build trust and respect between mentor and mentee.

Be Prepared to Fail a Little.
You may take all the steps above and still have some employees you thought were future leaders, but who simply didn’t make the cut during the development process.

That’s ok. Not everyone is meant to be a leader. And it’s better to know that now – before promoting someone into a leadership position – then when they’re already on the job.

Need Help Hiring Future Leaders?
If you do, give PrideStaff a call. As top Phoenix recruiters, we find and place highly qualified candidates for many critical business areas at leading companies throughout the area. And we can help you too!

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