The success of your company depends on the people you hire. And yet, for many businesses, hiring is done in desperation or as an afterthought.

So what can you do to improve your recruitment process in 2013 – and set your company apart in the minds of today’s top talent?

Idea#1: Start with the basics.
For instance, having a clear job description, an intuitive application process, and an actual response to a submitted resume will go a long way toward making a positive impression on a job candidate.

This may sound like a no-brainer.

But as, one of the leading recruitment firms in Tempe, PrideStaff knows that so many companies don’t even consider the candidate experience during the recruitment process. But when you take it into account, you’ll improve the process – and improve the quality of candidates you’re able to recruit.

Idea #2: Stop treating candidates like numbers.
Sure, if you get hundreds of resumes, calling each candidate back personally simply isn’t realistic. But make sure to treat your top candidates, and especially your finalists, with a personal touch.

For example, when they come in for an interview, make them feel welcome. Thank them for coming in; offer them a cup of coffee; tell them how you excited you are to discuss their background and introduce them to the team.

Or, if a candidate is traveling in from out of town, send them on their way after the interview with directions back to the airport, train station, or nearest highway. Give them a map with some local restaurants highlighted. This kind of personal attention will make you stand out as an employer.

Idea #3: Let top candidates shadow an employee.
It’s hard to tell what working at a company will really be like after a couple of interviews. But you can give your top pick candidates the inside scoop by letting them shadow an employee doing the same or a similar job for which they’re applying.

Not only will this demonstrate a dedication to transparency and finding the right-fit employee, but it also enables the candidate to have a better sense of whether the job is a good fit for them.

Idea #4: Sell your company.
Most employers view compensation and perks as information they verbally offer up to a prospective employee; or they may put together a few written documents about compensation for the candidate to take home and review.

Instead, look at this step in the hiring process as your final opportunity to really sell the candidate on the job and your company.

Put together a polished packet of information that includes all the important details – including salary and benefits, opportunities for advancement, and perks, like telecommuting or flex time. The bottom line is that you should approach this step from a marketing perspective, rather than an administrative one.

Need Help With Your Recruiting Efforts in 2013?
If you do, give PrideStaff a call. As one of the leading recruitment firms in Tempe, we have the experience and proven strategies in place to help you recruit the talent you need.

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