Fall is a time of change and reflection. And if you’re not getting the desired results from your job search, then it’s time to take a step back and re-think your approach.

So why aren’t you getting noticed – and what can you do to improve your results and get the job you really want? Here are three mission-critical tips to consider:

Tip #1: Take a Focused Approach.

Are you applying to every employment opportunity in Phoenixunder the sun – and keeping your fingers crossed something will pan out? If you are, then that is likely one source for your job search woes. When you spend all your time and energy submitting your resume to hundreds of job postings, then you’ll get lukewarm results, at best.

However, if you spend your time and energy taking a targeted approach – searching for employment opportunities in Phoenix that are the best fit for you, customizing your cover letter and resume for every single job opening, keeping track of those you applied to, following up regularly and really trying to promote yourself and why you’re better – then your efforts will bear fruit in the form of an interview offer.

Tip #2: Determine What Makes You Different.

In a sea of other candidates, you must know what makes you different from the rest. Do you have a unique skill set? Do you have an impressive track record you can quantify? Do you hold an advanced degree or certification that’s critical for success in your industry? Differentiation is a vital factor in any job search and can be used to give you the edge over other job candidates.

Tip #3: Ramp Up Networking Efforts.

When it comes to filling employment opportunities in Phoenix, many of today’s organizations don’t even advertise their staffing needs. Instead, they tap into the power of networking – reaching out to passive and active candidates they already know to determine if they’d be interested in interviewing for the position.

So if you’re not networking, you’re never going to know about these unadvertised job openings – and you’ll never get your foot in the door as a result. Even if an employment opportunity in Phoenixis posted, knowing someone within the organization who can walk your resume to HR will give you a huge competitive advantage.

Keep in mind, if employers need to hire for the New Year, then NOW is the time they’re going to be looking for talent. But if you’re taking the same old approach that isn’t working, then you could be flying under their radar.

So take a deep breath…and take a step back to evaluate your efforts and re-group. Tweaking your approach will hopefully help you fall forward into a terrific new job!

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