When you ask most people what their impression of a temporary worker is, answers can range from “lazy” to “unqualified to get a full-time job.” But as one of Tempe’s top staffing agencies, PrideStaff knows that this couldn’t be further from the truth!

 First of all, many temporary workers choose (that’s right…choose) to work as temporaries due to the flexibility and varied assignments offered. They’ve got all the skills and traits needed to succeed – they just don’t want to be tied down to a full-time gig, whether because they have small children, are recent retirees, or are earning a degree.

In addition, there are also many skilled and qualified temporary workers out there who are simply biding their time until the right full-time opportunity comes along. They too have a lot to offer employers, but due to bad luck and a bad economy, they are simply taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.

So while there are certainly temporary workers out there who don’t make the grade (just as there are sub-par permanent employees), the vast majority are hard-working, skilled individuals – many of whom are also specialists in their fields. As a result, they have much to offer employers, like you, including:

Temporary Workers Cost Less.

Temporary workers don’t require expensive benefits packages or costly insurance. They simply get paid an hourly wage for the time they worked. Once the project is finished, they move onto their next assignment with another company. This arrangement translates into projects completed and happy customers – all without the fixed expenses.

Temporary Workers Deliver Flexibility.

Whether you have an employee out on maternity leave or you’re experiencing a seasonal increase in demand, temporary workers offer the perfect solution for getting work done, without having to hire full-time or part-time help.

Temporary Workers Enable You to “Try Before You Buy.”

You may be interested in hiring for a certain position, but don’t want to make a hiring mistake or aren’t really sure you need someone full-time. Bringing in a qualified temporary worker can enable you to evaluate them in action to see if they meet your expectations, while at the same time giving you a better sense of whether you have the workflow to justify a full-time hire.

The lesson here?

While temporary workers may not be right for every employer or every position, it’s also important that you don’t succumb to the “temporary worker stereotype” that temporaries are lazy or not good enough to get a full-time job. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the valuable benefits they can offer you.

Ready to Tap Into the Power of Temporary Staffing?

 Let PrideStaff know. As one of Tempe’s top staffing agencies, we can give you access to the qualified people you need, where and when you need them – whether on a temporary or temporary-to-hire basis.

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