Picture it:

You’ve got a job opening and just received a flood of resumes. As you’re perusing them, one in particular stands out. Not necessarily because their resume is so great…but because the name sounds familiar. And then it hits you: The candidate used to work for you.

So should you toss their resume in the recycling bin, or take a second look?

The answer: It depends.

Obviously if this person left on bad terms, delivered poor performance, or didn’t get along with their co-workers, then the recycling bin is certainly the most appropriate place for their resume.

However, if you remember the employee as generally solid, then they’re worth a second look. Here’s why:

1. You Know What You’re Getting.

This is hugely valuable. With new hires you’ve never worked with before, there’s always a certain level of risk involved. There’s the whole “they looked great on paper, but fell apart after they were hired” scenario that can play out.

However, when it comes to a former employee, you know what you’re getting in terms of their personality and work ethic. As a bonus, their skill level may be more advanced or diverse than when they worked for you in the past.

2. They Know What They’re Getting.

So many new hires only last a few short months before jumping ship. This is due to a variety of factors, including a bad cultural fit. But when it comes to a former employee, they know exactly what they’re getting at your company. And if they’re applying for another job there, then they likely believe the culture is a good fit for them.

3. They Can Hit the Ground Running.

Certainly other employees have come and gone, processes probably changed, and company services may have expanded. But a former employee is still going to know a lot more about the company than a completely new hire would. As a result, the learning curve will be shorter.

But before you make a decision about rehiring a former employee, it’s wise to touch base with their former manager and co-workers. Oftentimes, those who worked directly with the former employee may be aware of strengths and weaknesses you’re not, and can provide you with additional insight into the matter.

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