While the 2012 Summer Olympics are now behind us, it’s hard to forget the inspiring stories of so many athletes from around the world. They made their respective sports look easy, but it’s still clear that it required plenty of drive, determination, skill, and discipline to make it to the top.

Did you ever think that those are exactly the kinds of traits you need in an employee?

If you have, then you’re right on track. In fact, as a leading Phoenix staffing services firm, PrideStaff knows that, many times, athletes make great employees for a variety of reasons, including:

Reason #1. They’re Competitive.

A desire to win is critical for success in sports, but it’s also a great quality for employees, particularly those in certain positions, such as sales. Not only does that spirit motivate employees to win, but it also drives them toward excellence in all that they do.

Reason #2. They Have a Team Mentality.

Athletes are used to being a part of a team. They know that each player is important to the success of the whole team and are skilled at working collaboratively. In addition, they’re great at praising and encouraging others to excel and reach their potential. And these affirmations can have a positive impact on workplace morale.

Reason #3. They Demonstrate Mental Toughness.

Athletes have to regularly deal with failure, injuries, mistakes, and losses. And the best ones simply get back up and do it all over again. They demonstrate a mental toughness that serves them well both on the field and in the workplace.

Reason #4. They’re Used to Feedback.

Athletes are used to coaches, mentors, and fellow athletes offering feedback about what they’re doing right…and what they’re doing wrong. And in the sports world, remarks aren’t typically sugar coated. So athletes can generally handle scrutiny and criticism better – and learn from it, as well.

Reason #5. They’re Persistent.

Athletes know that you don’t get results overnight. It takes a lot of hard work (sometimes, years’ worth), due diligence, and persistence in order to accomplish goals.

Reason #6. They’re Disciplined.

Achieving success in sports isn’t just about working hard; it’s also about discipline. Athletes must adhere to a rigid schedule, strict diet, and sacrifice time with family and friends in order to make it to the top.

So does every athlete make a terrific employee? Certainly not. But for many, competition on the field or on the court is certainly great preparation for the workforce.

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