As Phoenix recruiters, PrideStaff knows that in today’s day and age, the first place a job candidate goes to learn more about your company is your website. What do they find once they get there? If it’s a less than impressive showing, then it could be impacting the quality of your candidates.

So how can you leave a positive first impression with your website? Here are some tips to follow:

  • It’s about quality, not quantity. Your website doesn’t need to be huge to make a positive impression. In fact, just a few pages complete with clean design and well-written content is far better than a massive site that’s cluttered and hard to navigate.
  • Your Careers section should be a priority. For many businesses, the Careers section of their websites is an after-thought…and it shows. Instead, your Careers section should be well thought out and provide compelling information – not just about job openings, but also about what it’s like to work at your company.
  • Update your site regularly. When you have press releases on your homepage that are dated from 2008 it tells job candidates that the company isn’t investing in itself, nor is it giving much thought to how it comes across on the web. So it’s important to take the time to regularly update content, add new features, and make an effort to portray your company in a relevant way online.
  • Know your audience. Include content on your site that would appeal to the kinds of job candidates you’re looking to entice. For instance, if you want to attract 30-somethings, then portraying your company as a family friendly place to work is important.
  • Make your site easy to use. Nothing is more frustrating for a candidate than having to dig for job postings or information about working at your company. So put your Careers section front and center in your site’s navigation.
  • Make your site unique. Don’t use the same stock photography or boilerplate copy that your competition uses. Take a different approach to the look and feel of your site so it stands out. For example, consider hiring a professional photographer to take custom photos. Or create a blog and have employees post on it about what life is like working at your company.

The bottom line is that your website is the face of your company on the web – which is where most candidates look first for job postings. And if yours isn’t up to snuff, it could be adversely impacting your ability to attract top talent.

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