The good news: Your top employee has been with you for years. He closes deals where no one else can even get their foot in the door. He stays late, gets in early, and delivers positive results month after month.

The bad news: He just quit.

Now what?

First, don’t panic. As one of Tempe’s top staffing services firms, PrideStaff knows that this can happen to even the best employers out there. So take a deep breath and read these tips to help you get through this difficult transition:

Tip #1. Take Action
It can take months to replace a top employee. And until you do, “the show must go on,” as the saying goes. So make a list of the most important tasks the employee is responsible for and then delegate those tasks to other trusted team members.

Tip #2. Learn the Lesson.
While it’s easier said than done, don’t get angry or emotional about the situation. Challenges are opportunities. Whether this is an opportunity to cross-train employees or to shore up weaknesses in the company, this challenge is a way to learn something.

And, keep in mind, if you don’t learn the lesson this time around, you’ll likely have to take the test again some time in the future.

Tip #3. Look In-House for Help.
An opportunity for advancement is a big-time motivator. And you might already have a team member in place, chomping at the bit to take on the newly opened position. But you won’t know until you ask. So present your challenge as an opportunity for another employee to shine.

Tip #4. Be Prepared.
No manager likes getting blind-sided by an employee who gives their two-weeks notice. While it’s simply a fact of life, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your company in the future.

For instance, document best practices, standard operating procedures, and how tasks are completed. Also, make sure that all-star employees are always training other employees on how to perform critical duties. That way, when one person leaves, there are others who know how to pick up the slack…even if it’s just for a temporary period of time.

Need Help Hiring Your Next Star Employee?
If you do, give PrideStaff a call. As one of Tempe’s top staffing services firms, we can give you access to a network of industry leading candidates with the skills and experience you need to get the job done.

Ready to learn more? Contact PrideStaff today.

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