When it comes time to hire, the faster, more energetic, most web-savvy pro is the way to go, right? Well, not always.

Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) experience and attitude trump all the other stuff. Not that high tech competencies aren’t important, but when you have a mission-critical project ready to launch, you want to ensure the project manager has plenty of old-fashioned experience under his or her proverbial belt.

Enter the seasoned (a.k.a. older) worker.

As a leading Phoenix staffing services firm, PrideStaff knows that during the hiring process, professionals in this demographic – near or at retirement age – are oftentimes overlooked and undervalued. But the fact of the matter is that they’ve “been there, done that,” and have plenty of value to offer as a result.

So considering their extensive expertise, what can you do to appeal to them in your hiring efforts?

According to the AARP, the best way is to offer a Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA). An FWA is all about enabling older workers to enjoy greater scheduling freedom, while still continuing to remain a vital part of the workforce. One example of an FWA would be allowing an older to work on-site three days a week and off-site, two days a week. And in fact, according to research conducted by AARP, many of today’s older workers say they would defer retirement if they didn’t have to adhere to such strict working hours.

While there are a variety of FWAs to consider, they all share four common traits, including:

  1. Flexible Work Schedules.
    While you might require an older employee to work the traditional 35-40 hours a week, you might also allow them to come in later or leave earlier in an FWA arrangement. Other options for scheduling include part-time work, a compressed workweek, or performing seasonal work during busy times.
  2. Options of Where to Work.
    This gives older workers the option to telecommute either full-time or on a part-time basis.
  3. Options of How to Work.
    This can include job sharing between two employees or the ability to work on a temporary or contract basis when needed. It can also include phased retirement, in which older workers slowly cut back their schedules over a certain period of time.
  4. Ability to Select Different Benefits.
    Older workers are going to be interested in different benefits than younger employees. These include options such as flexible spending accounts, eldercare resources, and long-term care insurance.

The bottom line is that older workers have plenty to offer. But in order to leverage their wealth of knowledge and expertise, you need to think about the kinds of opportunities and benefits that would appeal directly to them.

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