If people are your most important asset, then hiring the right ones is vital to the success of your organization. However, between strategizing, troubleshooting, and managing your current crop of employees, it’s often difficult to find the time it takes to hire new recruits.

That’s where a staffing agency can help.

The right staffing agency can essentially help you manage your hiring function, so you can focus your energy on day-to-day priorities. They can source, screen, interview, test, and verify candidates – and provide you with only the cream of the crop to choose from.

That said, not all Phoenix staffing agencies are created equal.   So how can you find one that’s right for your organization?

Here are 6 critical factors to consider before hiring a staffing agency:

Know Your Needs
The most important first step to take before hiring a staffing agency is to understand what you’re trying to accomplish through one. For instance:

  • Do you need fast access to a large number of temporary employees on a regular basis?
  • Do you only want a staffing agency to work with you to recruit skilled direct hire candidates?
  • Do you need help in both areas?

Whatever the case is for you, understand and know your needs ahead of time so you can choose the staffing agency that’s the best fit for them.

Look at Location
Is the staffing agency actually located in the Tempe-Phoenix area? An agency with a local office is going to better understand important factors unique to the area, such as the local economy, staffing challenges, and salary ranges for different positions, as well as have access to a stronger network of candidates.

Evaluate Expertise
If you work in a niche industry or have a very specific staffing requirement, you may need a staffing agency that specializes in that area. For instance, some staffing agencies focus exclusively on industries like finance, healthcare, or IT. Other staffing agencies are dedicated to delivering administrative or light industrial workers on a temporary basis. The bottom line is that if you need help recruiting a C-level manager for your company, then you’re not going to want to work with an agency that concentrates on temp staffing.

Review Results
The true measure of a staffing agency is in the results. So, when assessing Phoenix staffing agencies, make sure to ask questions about their candidate evaluation process and placement success rate.

Research Reputation
Thanks to the Internet, there are numerous online sources you can look to in order to evaluate the reputations of Phoenix staffing agencies. Also be sure to read through their websites to learn about who they are and how long they’ve been in business. In addition, you can use sites – like the Better Business Bureau’s – to see if there have been any complaints filed against the agency recently.

Consider the Cost
Obviously, cost is going to be an important factor in your decision. There are many different fee structures depending on the agency or service you’re considering, so it’s important to ask questions related to cost and make sure you clearly understand what each agency will charge you.

And if you’d like to add PrideStaff to your list of Phoenix staffing agencies to consider hiring, let us know. We’d be happy to meet with you, discuss your unique staffing needs, and demonstrate how we can help you hire faster and smarter. Contact us today to schedule a meeting. [link to]

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